Samsung faces lawsuit via Paris courts over misleading advertisements

Samsung handed a lawsuit by Paris courts over misleading advertisements

Samsung Faces a lawsuit by a Paris court over misleading advertising related to alleged child labour and violations of workers’ fundamental rights

The lawsuit has been filed by two NGO's - Sherpa and ActionAid France who claim that human rights violations allegedly took place in Samsung factories in China and South Korea. NGO's named Samsung Global, the electronics giant's worldwide parent company, and local subsidiary Samsung Electronics France in their lawsuit.

Sherpa and ActionAid France claim to have gathered evidence from a number of sources, including the NGO China Labor Watch, which they say infiltrated Samsung factories in China and South Korea to reveal human rights violations.

The investigation reports include the employment of children under 16, abusive working hours, lack of equipment appropriate to the risks incurred, working conditions and accommodation incompatible with human dignity . In addition, the use of benzene and methanol in the plants ave caused incurable illnesses in many employees.

Despite that, Samsung is not accused of human rights violations, although these claims are counter to statements on Samsung’s website which read: "Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect for all stakeholders and complete transparency."

The NGO's further said in a statement: "We call on the courts to sanction this unacceptable gap between these ethical commitments and the reality in factories as described by the NGOs in the field."

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