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Mayhem is back and breaking his resolutions in latest Allstate ad

At the end of 2017, Allstate’s Mr. Mayhem made a resolution for the new year to cause “no more mayhem” in the new year. After barely a week of serving as a lightning rod, a road flare and a dangling tennis ball, Mayhem is off his resolution.

In the second phase of the campaign, #ResolutionsAreMayhem by Leo Burnett Chicago, Mayhem realizes that other people haven’t kept their resolutions, so why should he? In a new spot, ‘Breaking Mayhem,’ which premieres during the College Football National Championship Game, Mayhem steps off the roof as lightning strikes and stomps out the flare, declaring that “Mayhem is back.”

“We know most people make a New Year’s resolution to improve themselves or better their lives with the best intentions,” said Brooke Aslesen, senior marketing manager, brand marketing for Allstate. “We also know Mayhem can engage consumers in a fun, relevant way that the Allstate brand typically can’t.”

In phase two of the campaign, all bets are off as Mayhem realizes thinking the New Year will be free of mayhem is as naïve as believing that most people will keep their resolutions all year long. He gets fed up and breaks his resolution – reminding consumers that they can’t always avoid life’s uncertainties which is why they need the protection of Allstate.

“Our ultimate message is simple: No one is perfect, but Allstate is here to keep you and your loved ones safe,” said Jennifer Egeland, director, brand strategy for Allstate. “It’s a new twist on our long-standing statement that Allstate can protect you from the mayhem in the world. This is an exciting new storyline that will use a favorite character to remind consumers that they can’t always avoid life’s uncertainties We know viewers will relate to Mayhem as he falls flat in keeping his resolution – and, as a result, will remember that Allstate is there for backup.”

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