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Mindfulness Matters: everyone lives on a continuum of mental performance

There is a general misconception around mental health as to whether a person has a problem or an issue or not.

In this fifth part of Mindfulness Matters, a short video series of advice around mental wellbeing, Kathleen Saxton, co-founder of co-founder of psychoeducation consultancy Psyched Global and executive recruitment firm The Lighthouse to create the advice series, that misconception is discussed.

According to Saxton, everyone lives on a ‘continuum’ where we must look after our mental health in a similar way to a person’s physical health and for a person to consider how well they are doing and feeling.

“It could just be that you are a mild sufferer of anxiety or it could be someone who notices that actually you have been suffering with a deep depression for a long time but are covering it and masking it really well. It may well that you are a high functioning addict, or you are someone who is suffering with a bereavement of a parent or a child and you have been working hard to cope with it and live with it – that’s also fine, but maybe it’s time to address it. That means looking at where you are on the continuum and how you bring yourself back to a place where you feel more content, happy and more congruent in the world,” advised Saxton.

The series of five episodes that make up the Mindfulness Matters series will run over the course of this week on The Drum.

This year, The Drum's annual event, Do It Day will aim to help change the stigma of mental health in the workplace via a number of marketing initiatives created on the day by delegates in London, New York and Singapore.

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