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Creative Work of the Week: Diane Morgan faces falconry and acupuncture for First Direct

Diane Morgan tries her hand at falconry

The Drum’s Creative Work of the Week for the last week of October is We Are Social’s series for First Direct starring comedian Diane Morgan, who is challenged to step out of her comfort zone and try and host of new things.

Created for social, the comical campaign sees Morgan try her hand at falconry, acupuncture and buggy workouts, focusing on her internal struggle between sticking to what she knows and wanting to try new things.

It supports First Direct’s ongoing brand awareness initiate, which hopes to encourage people to take ‘first steps’ and release their ambitions. The video series will be followed up with content created from stills and teaser cuts, supported by targeted paid media.

Zoe Burns-Shore, head of brand and marketing at First Direct, said: "This campaign captures the essence of what it means to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Diane putting her own comic spin on trying something out of the ordinary really helps bring the first direct brand to life, showing we take money seriously, not ourselves."

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