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The Contributor Network: The evolution of online retail and hungover takeaways from BrightonSEO

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The Drum loves great content and our Contributor Network enables agencies to self-publish their own news, insights, campaigns and case studies on The Drum website to build profile with our audiences. In this week’s Contributor Network Live, we look at the evolution of online retail, the main takeaways from last week's BrightonSEO and grocery research on mobile phones saving people a lot of money.

AR product visualisation and the evolution of online retail

With Apple, Google and Facebook all betting big on an augmented future with the release of ARKit, ARCore and AR Studio, it’s clear that AR (augmented reality) is starting to live up to the hype that we and other augmented advocates have been talking about and working on for many years.

The race is on for retailers to get their products on the 1.5 billion AR-ready devices and an instantaneous way for customers to understand the features and benefits of products in a unique and interactive way.

To read more about the evolution, click here.

BrightonSE-Oh my head: 5 (hungover) takeaways from September’s event

BrightonSEO had the ResponseTap team by the scruffs of their necks last week. A veritable assault on the marketing senses as usual, they were bowled over by all things SEO. Whats more, they also rolled out their famous ResponseTap again and pulled a load of pints. Did you make it to their stand for a beer?

Read more about their SEO exploits here.

Around one third of shoppers in Britain and Europe use their mobile phone to save money on grocery bills

A survey conducted by the IRI analysed shopping habits from those in the UK and compared the statistics to shoppers in Europe, including countries such as Germany, Greece, Italy, Holland, France and Spain.

With a third of Brits (31%) and EU shoppers (36%) using the internet to research product prices, FMCG markets have been advised to take these statistics as an opportunity to connect with shoppers, by targeting their advertisements through mobile devices.

The results revealed that shoppers in the UK and Europe are more likely to use mobile devices to help cheapen their expenses. Read more about the results here.

Michon launch BT's new TSO2020 campaign strategy

BT’s TSO (Technology, Service & Operations) line of business is responsible for delivering and operating BT’s networks, platforms and IT systems. 2016 marked big changes for BT with the acquisition of EE, and with this TSO have outlined their new ‘TSO 2020’ strategy.

Michon has developed a new campaign identity and messaging to communicate BT’s set of four key aims and one strategic ambition to strive for over the next four years. To read more about it, click here.

Manifesto launch campaign with Parkinson's UK to recruit supporters

Manifesto has devised a strategy to empower the very warm audience identified by research, to act as brand champions in support of Parkinson's UK and their We Won't Wait campaign aims. Parkinson's UK wanted to raise awareness and build support for research into new and better treatments for people living with Parkinson’s.

These supporters were served engaging communications, including personalised video, whilst being provided with the tools they needed to amplify the campaign message across social media. Find out more here.

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