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The Drum

Ukip’s lion logo called out for Premier League similarities

Ukip's new logo riles some Premier League fans

Ukip has revealed a new lion head logo to replace the long running yellow and purple pound, but the striking similarities to the Premier League’s symbol haven’t gone unnoticed.

The ‘British Lion’ logo, which sits alongside text that reads ‘UKIP, for the nation’, was chosen by Ukip members in a vote at the party’s annual conference in Torquay.

Ukip has since claimed that legal checks had been made to ensure it wasn’t breaking any copyright laws.

“We have checked and it does not infringe copyright. We are not that stupid,” it told the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Premier League is reported to be consulting lawyers.

Twitter users, including ex-footballer Gary Lineker, have taken to Twitter to mock the blunder.