American Airlines lets fly with London taxi geofencing campaign

American Airlines has harnessed London’s iconic black cabs for its latest promotional push, a real-time geofencing campaign which will see it deliver mobile ads to passengers phones as they traverse the capital in taxis sporting custom liveries.

Conceived by MediaCom the push will also include more traditional OOH advertising on digital panels and online advertising, helped along by a partnership with taxi advertising company Ubiquitous and location tech specialists Mobsta.

Daemon Brown, commercial director at Ubiquitous, said: “Our research tells us that taxi advertising dominates city centre streets and will take American Airlines into areas where their target audience is most likely to be. Tapping into taxi location data to determine proximity to the target audience is an innovation that will deliver valuable additional brand touchpoints.”

Denise Breslin, managing director at Mobsta, added: “We have been harnessing location data to compliment OOH with targeted mobile for some time, most recently offering pre-campaign insights to improve planning and buying efficiencies. However, the solution, which has been developed specifically for American Airlines, truly demonstrates what creative thinking and location data can do together when used to better understand the effect of a media placement/buy like taxi media.”

Said to be the first campaign of its type to utilise geofencing technology on a moving object the promotion will run through until November.

American Airlines has previously targetted business travellers through its 'Going Great' campaign.