By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

July 14, 2017 | 2 min read

The British bobbies are out in force in America, but if you get a ticket from them, it means you’re getting discounted airfare.

Several members of the British police force will be making a special trip to Denver this weekend. Throughtout July 1 and 16, the public servants will patrol the streets hoping to instill some British manners.

This British invasion, which was kicked off by Norwegian Air and McKinney last weekend in Seattle, will see the bobbies on the lookout for those not exhibiting their best British behavior. Sipping tea without your pinkie up? Drinking coffee instead of tea? Wearing a jersey for the American style of football? Such lack of decorum will be frowned upon by the officers, who will be handing out tickets and inviting those to visit London and improve their manners.

The tickets they write come with a catch, however, and include a discount to experience Norwegian’s new nonstop service from Denver to London Gatwick.

“We want the people of Seattle and Denver to understand that Norwegian is much more than an airline with low fares,” said Ben Kaufman, marketing manager USA for Norwegian. “The bobbies activation shows that we’re a playful yet professional personality; a travel assistant that’s here to benefit customers around the world by providing an unbeatable value on travel that has been far too expensive for far too long.”

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