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RAPP UK creates #Prideforthe72 in show of solidarity with the 72 countries where same sex love is still a crime

Rapp Pride

As part of Omnicom’s Open Pride initiative and Pride’s theme of ‘Love Happens Here’, RAPP UK has developed the #Prideforthe72 campaign in a show of solidarity with LGBT people in 72 countries where same sex love is still a crime, where people can be persecuted for simply holding hands in public.

Pride is a celebration of love and the journey of the LGBT community, but it’s also a time to acknowledge how far society still has to go.

The campaign invites supporters at London Pride and elsewhere to simply take a photo of themselves holding hands with someone, and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #Prideforthe72. These photos come together to create a chain of hands in solidarity with LGBT people in these 72 countries.

Jon Pollard, global client solutions director, RAPP UK, and chief liaison officer for Omnicom’s Open Pride initiative said “Pride in London 2017 is celebrating 50 years since the decriminalisation of gay relationships while also noting the job still to be done elsewhere in the world. We wanted to building on that with a campaign that makes a simple but powerful statement in support of LGBT people in those 72 countries and make clear the scale of the challenge we still face.”

After Pride weekend RAPP UK will turn the digital human chain into a physical memento and create a 72 metre long flag with the photos, using use it to promote awareness of the ongoing struggle for equality to love.

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