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Ad of the Day: Mother lands first work for Vauxhall, a swaggering spot starring the ‘Pyjama Mamas’

Vauxhall is rolling out a new campaign to plug its Crossland X SUV today (30 June), having enlisted Mother to create a humorous spot featuring hard working mums who may end up wearing their pyjamas all day, but do so with swagger.

The ad, which was produced by music director Jake Nava, features slow motion shots of the Pyjama Mamas brushing off the glares of the 'haterz' in the supermarket, at the coffee shop and at the school gates.

Their 'jam jar’ is the Crossland X, which is spotlighted doing donuts around an empty car park as the sun sets. ‘Pajamas All Day’ by Las Vegas-based MC/DJ brothers Dan and Jim Kehoe was chosen for the soundtrack.

#PyjamaMamas will run across digital, TV, PR, social, CRM, press, showroom POS and out of home. Photographer Rankin was brought on board to shoot the stills, while Vauxhall has partnered with Channel 4 for extra content featuring comedians Jessica Hynes and Sally Phillips. The latter will launch in mid-July.

The campaign is underlined by Vauxhall’s ‘Isn’t life brilliant’ strapline.

Simon Oldfield, marketing director for Vauxhall Motors, said: “Pyjama Mamas is a punchy and upbeat campaign for our newcomer, the Vauxhall Crossland X. Our brief was to bring something very different to our burgeoning SUV offering, which is due to grow still further in 2017 with the launch of the larger Grandland X later in the year.

“Our optimistic take on life, as well as the ‘Isn’t life brilliant’ brand positioning, have been incorporated throughout the campaign.”

Katie Mackay, head of Strategy at Mother, added: "In a sea of SUV sameness, it's been a joy to give the Crossland X a platform that befits the swagger and style of the car and its future drivers, while giving Vauxhall a contemporary voice in British culture."

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