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‘Isn’t Life Brilliant’ says Vauxhall in rebrand campaign launching the Insignia

Vauxhall Motors has laid out its new brand direction in a campaign looking to generate buzz around the launch of the Insignia.

McCann Central launched the new brand identity, which comes to market in the ‘This is not a car’ campaign, which will set the tone for future creative. Accentuating this is the creation of a new visual identity, including the introduction of a blade signature sign-off giving life to the to accentuate the iconic griffin badge.

Simon Oldfield, marketing director for Vauxhall Motors said: “Our brand positioning, ‘Isn’t Life Brilliant’ is more than a feeling, it’s an attitude we embrace, from customers looking forward to owning and driving a Vauxhall to confidence about the future and our role to take responsibility within it.”

“This is not a car’, looks to challenge perspectives on what Vauxhall, with our new flagship Insignia, offers drivers, a genuine alternative to the premium marques. The new Insignia heralds a new generation of car design, connectivity and powertrain.”

Paul Dean, managing director at McCann Central, added: “To launch the new Insignia, Vauxhall was looking for a creative concept that clearly marked this car out as something different – as a revolution rather than an evolution of the previous model.

“This need to break existing perceptions resulted in ‘This is not a car’, which asks our audience to re-assess everything they think they know about Vauxhall and the Insignia and position the car in a striking new light. However, this is just the start of the new identity which will bring renewed confidence in the brand as we celebrate all that is truly British; the cars, the humour and optimistic outlook on life.”

The campaign will feature on digital, TV, PR, press and OOH upon today’s launch (5 June).