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Integral Ad Science’s CMO on brand safety: there is ‘correlation between content, context, and the news cycle’

Brand safety is a huge issue in the industry but advertisers can tackle it by keeping an eye on the ‘news cycle’ and by changing tact as they deem necessary, according to Integral Ad Science’s CMO, Maria Pousa.

Speaking at Cannes Lions Festival, Pousa says: “Typically, what we see is, [brands] tend to set and forget their strategies, but the ones that are very savvy are keeping up with the news cycle and changing key words on the sites that are being blocked to prevent the brand being associated with negative content.”

In the video above, Pousa recommends brands to “work closely with distribution partners” and “some of the walled gardens” to ensure their content is not being associated with controversial websites.

Watch her full interview above.

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