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Periscope monetises live streams with a hearts and stars system that would baffle a banker

Periscope Super Hearts

Periscope is making waves to help its users monetise their live streams using a virtual currency called Super Hearts that fans can use to contribute to their favourite creators.

An evolution of the hearts feature which is used to indicate love for content, the Super Heart theoretically adds value for viewers and creators.

Purchasable by viewers in the iOS and Android app stores, creators have fan leaderboards that publicly rank those who contribute the most Super Hearts during livestreams, creators are likely to reward and give call outs to their most ardent supporters.

Live streamers can also bank any Super Hearts they receive as part of the Super Broadcaster Program, a way to monetise their streams, initially only in the US. “The spirit, and the goal, is for all broadcasters to be able to do this,” said Sara Haider, director of software engineering at Periscope.

It could serve to sate the financial requirements of some of the more prominent individuals on the platform who, once approved as "super broadcasters", can cash in once they reach love levels equaling $175 worth.

The system is a currency onto itself with numerous Super Hearts varying in value, all purchased using in-app coins that cost $0.99 for 1,050 to 132,650 for $99.99, reports The Verge.

The system is rather complicated, and that could work to the benefit of creators, or against them. The transferal from currency to stars to hearts could isolate users from the purchase path, either aiding, or hindering expenditure.

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