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Latest from Profile Hub: Bosch, Imperial War Museum, Nokia and more

Carousel's are old hat

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In this week’s Profile Hub Round-up we look at the return of the Nokia 3310 and nostalgia marketing, essential tools for SMBs, why online carousels are old hat, audience building for the Imperial War Museums and Bosch.

Greenlight Insight: Nokia 3310 goes on sale in the UK - the impact of nostalgia in marketing

One of the most highly anticipated mobile phones of the year is finally here - and it's a £50 plastic device with an alphanumeric keyboard and 2G connectivity.

First unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February, the Nokia 3310 from HMD Global is a throwback to the days when phones were 'dumb' and the closest thing to an app was the game Snake.

The new phone mimics the design of the original handset, which launched in the year 2000, but is slimmer and lighter with a 2.4-inch colour display and two-megapixel rear-facing camera.

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Merkle Perescopix case study: Imperial War Museums and Google Analytics; education, tracking, reporting, insights – A full cycle project

Merkle Periscopix teamed up with Imperial War Museums' London branch to help website content creators understand how users were engaging with interactive page content via Google Analytics Event tracking, reporting/insights dashboards and training tailored to the data and stakeholders.

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Builtvisible Case Study: Love the Sales brings organic rankings back from the brink

Watching one of your major revenue streams disappear in a day is enough to give any digital marketer a sleepless night. This is the predicament Love the Sales found themselves in when they saw a 68% drop in organic rankings across all devices on a single day.

They needed immediate advice on how to fix this issue as organic is such a vital revenue stream for the business.

Time was of the essence, so Builtvisible undertook a preliminary investigation and gave Love the Sales a clear idea of the best route forwards at the pair's first meeting. Following this up with a comprehensive log file analysis and technical audit revealed three separate factors at play that were negatively affecting the brand's organic performance.

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TLC Marketing Project: 'Mixed by Bosch. Baked by you'

The Bosch Group is a global supplier of technology and services. Its award-winning kitchen appliances, have been built on over 60 years of cooking excellence.

The Brief: To drive sales of Bosch food preparation products during the Great British Bake Off season.

Insight: Personalisation is a powerful way of adding value to a product and increasing customer engagement. Home bakers especially, love adding personal touches to their creations. The Great British Bake Off allowed Bosch to capitalise on this trend.

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OSM Insight: Key digital tools for SMBs

Managing a business used to mean stacks of paperwork and overflowing inboxes, but thanks to advancements in technology things have changed dramatically.

These days there are digital tools to help business owners manage tasks across most areas of business. Here are some key services to help streamline communications, project management, social media, data management and more.

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Dock9 Insight: The Carousel Is Dead - So Now What?

As mentioned in Web Design Trends for 2017, the carousel's time is up.

They have always been bad for SEO, users don’t engage with them, they can easily be mistaken as adverts, create banner blindness, flicker, decrease readability and slow down the download time. Overall, not very user friendly.

So, why have carousels even been used before, what is the idea behind them and can they be improved?

Their best feature is that they create space where there isn’t any. Using carousels makes it easy to highlight more than one offer and it can potentially be a good way to make the user engage. It is just not doing it in the most efficient way.

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