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10 insights from the latest Mary Meeker report that digital media professionals should know

The annual Internet Trends Report from KPCB analyst is Mary Meeker is regularly cited by thought leading media professionals / KPCB

The latest Internet Trends report from KPCB is out, suggesting flat internet user growth, slowing smartphone shipments, increased ad spend on mobile, with 'the dupopoly' capturing the majority of this.

The report, ‘aka The Mary Meeker report’ is often touted as a ‘must read’ by leading minds in the media industry and was unveiled today (May 31) by the Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers analyst at Recode's Code conference.

Coming in at well over 300 slides long, the comprehensive study spans a vast range of topics from user numbers, media trends, gaming, and even healthcare. The Drum selected the top line figures concerning media professionals.

  • The global number of internet users in 2016 was 3.4 billion with annual growth flat at 10%
  • Smartphone shipments are increasing (total users just shy of 3 billion) but the rate of growth continues to slow
  • In the USA the average adult spent 5.6 hours per day consuming media online
  • And advertisers continue to move their budgets online with digital ad spend totaling $73bn
  • Although ad spend on mobile devices continues to trail consumer media consumption
  • This has been accompanied by Facebook and Google’s increased share of ad spend, their respective growth rate significantly outpaced the market
  • Increased digital ad spend has been accompanied by pressure on marketers to show that it produces results, but proving ROI is a challenge
  • Adblocking is on the rise, especially in emerging economies where internet consumption is primarily via cellular networks
  • Improvements in technology are making it easier for marketers to attribute offline purchases to online ad spend
  • The financial value of mergers and acquisitions in the tech sector during 2016 ($336bn) was down year-over-year but the number of deals was up

A full copy the report, which collates findings from a number of different data sources, can be downloaded here

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