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Philips and iris launches #StandForTradition campaign for Hari Raya

Philips Malaysia and iris have launched #StandForTradition campaign to promote Philips' all-in-one cooker in celebration of the upcoming Hari Raya.

The campaign is based on the insight that the younger generation are increasingly losing touch with tradition when it comes to cooking, especially when festive dishes take a long time to prepare and cook. The videos are centred around two senior folks, a Mak Cik and Pak Cik (Malay for older lady and man) who admonish the younger generation to #StandForTradition in a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement.

“We recognise that many today find festive preparations to be a hassle. We also know that the all-in-one pressure cooker can really help in lessening the amount of time and effort required, which is really encouraging and helpful in continuing local traditions. It’s our way of improving lives through meaningful innovations," said Ms Kong Puey Yoon, marketing manager, Philips Malaysia.

"Tradition has become so diluted these days, and even more apparent in Malaysia where the same can be said across all cultures. Besides showing how this product can preserve tradition, what's equally helpful is to shine the spotlight on those who stand for it – Mak Cik and Pak Cik," said Adam Yeo, creative group head, iris Singapore.

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