Apple ad shows Portrait Mode transforming fortunes of New Orleans barbershop

Apple is attempting to appeal to the Instagram generation with an ad showcasing the latest iPhone's ‘Portrait Mode’ feature.

The ad features Apple's “practically magic” tagline and is set in a quiet barbershop in downtown New Orleans which undergoes a radical revitalisation.

The 60-second spot is packed with shots and packed with people in what is an attempt to highlight the professional output of the Portrait Mode app. In the video we see the small barbershop transformed into the destination spot for haircuts thanks to the power of Portrait Mode.

This is the second of two ads which feature Portrait Mode as the chief selling point. The other features a young woman visiting her grandmother in Greece only to find herself become immediately in demand as a local portrait photographer.

The iPhone 7 Plus app employs its two camera system in order to calculate various depths and the blurs the background to give the feel of using a high end of DSLR camera, all designed to increase the quality of snaps.

Apple donated all hair removed in the making of the ad to the ‘Locks of Love’ children’s charity that focuses on wigs for ill and financially disadvantaged youngsters.

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