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Free A Girl advert shows young girls playing with sex toys to highlight child prostitution

An advert aiming to shock people into taking action against child prostitution has emerged, showing young girls innocently playing with sex toys.

It’s been released by Free a Girl, a Dutch organisation dedicated to freeing young girls from forced prostitution.

The advert opens with young girls, who are wearing animal masks, unboxing the toys and trying to guess what it is.

One girl suggests a wand and another pretends to use it as a rolling pin while one used it to brush her hair.

It then cuts to a message saying ‘innocent imagination for these girls. Horrible reality for others’, before showing real-life footage of a seven-year-old girl being sold.

“An estimated two million children all over the world are caught up in prostitution, of whom 1.2 million are in India,” said director and co-founder of Free A Girl, Evelien Hölsken.

“Girls are forced to have sex every day with dozens of men. We want this to stop and appeal to the whole country to join forces with us and take action. Together, we can liberate the girls from the horrific circumstances in which they live and offer them a bright new future.”

That charity has previously worked with TBWA Amsterdam on its advertising, which has included a film on how it’s worked with other charities to raise funds.

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