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Adult Swim’s Rickmobile travels America to promote Rick and Morty and shift merch

Rick and Morty

Adult Swim is directing some real dollar into marketing the returning third season of its much-anticipated animated show, Rick and Morty, culminating in a US tour of an absurd merch van modelled as lead character Rick.

Writer Dan Harmon’s Back to the Future parody has already teased fans with a surprise April Fool’s Day launch of the season’s first episode, and has been supplemented with a virtual reality experience allowing players to enter the surreal world(s) from the show.

A Rick-shaped merchandise vehicle will tour 40 locations in the US, all promoted by a verified Twitter account designed to build buzz around the travels.

Mashable has noticed that rogue sightings of the vehicle have been posted to Twitter. A web hub underlines the location and schedule of the motor.

It has previously been supported by an Instagram game promoting scenes from the show.

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