Project management leading up to Cannes – what are marketers missing?

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The biggest advertising event of the year, Cannes Lions, is coming up in June to celebrate the best in creativity. The industry’s top marketers will gather to discuss creative strategies as well as give insights on what to expect in the future. But in the run-up to the event, what about the back-end campaign preparation?

Campaign management is getting more complicated as marketers have to increasingly deal with shifting timelines, painful review and approval processes, as well as measuring campaign performance.

Project management software company Workfront will be hosting a webinar on how marketers can get the “basics” of project management right – to avoid missing crucial deadlines. Below are the top common project management issues Workfront will be discussing in next week’s webinar.

1. Get the approval process right to avoid missing deadlines

In Workfront's survey of 606 marketers, one third of marketers said delayed approvals contributed to missed deadlines twice a week or more. This accounted for up to 100 delayed projects for a team that was responsible for delivering 1,000 projects or more each year. Marketers can tackle this by minimising the number of approvers as well as get better at setting stakeholder expectations early in the process.

2. Create an intake process that works for you

Former Apple CEO, John Sculley told marketers to “not worry about the technology” but Workfront advises marketers to share information with team members through project management software to develop better internal processes. Marketers should share their knowledge with other team members to get better at finding gaps in their team’s performance.

3. Get creative with digital technology

Workfront found that marketing teams produce an average of 13 different kinds of content. By using a digital proofing tool, marketers can cut down on the time needed to get a project to market. For instance, 56% of marketers found that a project that previously took four weeks to complete took fewer than two weeks to complete with a proofing tool.

Tune in next week for the webinar to get best practices and tips on how marketers can get better at project management in the lead up to Cannes – and learn how to juggle different project as well as collaborate skillfully with department members.

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