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Dyson Technology

Dyson targets AI powered robotic vacuum cleaner revolution


By John Glenday, Reporter

March 15, 2017 | 2 min read

Dyson has set its sights on the lofty goal of an artificial intelligence powered vacuum cleaner to take it one step closer to the ultimate goal of a labour-free household cleaning robot.

Buoyed by global growth which has seen sales double over the past six years to hit £2bn Dyson has been busily expanding its product line with a $400 Supersonic hairdryer and its current top-of-the-line £800 360 Eye vacuuming bot.

Not satisfied with these accomplishments Dyson is setting its sights higher by creating an intelligent gizmo capable of actions not specifically coded into its software to create adaptable machines which can customize themselves for any household.

Mike Aldred, Dyson’s head of robotics, said: “What machine learning and AI will enable is for a product to learn for itself how to adapt, without the customer having to understand the product. It may need them to explain what they find frustrating in order to change, but they don’t have to understand the mechanism by which that change occurs. Too many people are worried about the mechanisms of machine learning, and nothing about ‘How is my customer going to benefit from this?’”

Dyson’s goal of a future utopia shorn of ironing, cleaning and vacuuming may still be a distant dream but its engineers are more confident than ever that it will come to pass.

Dyson recently committed to the UK with a mammoth £2.5bn technology campus in the Cotswolds.

Dyson Technology

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