Creative Work of the Week: Step inside the mind of a child with Pebble Studios' VR experience

Step inside the mind of a child with this week’s European Creative Work of the Week winner from Pebble Studios.

Working with a group of seven and eight-year-olds from West London’s Grange Primary School, VR and production company Pebble Studios brought the imaginative worlds of children to life at the start of the year after asking pupils to draw some of the wondrous and inventive characters, lands and stories they come up with at playtime.

Impressing the team with their descriptions of ‘candy land’ - a world where giraffes in bow ties live with a multi-coloured, disco-loving T-Rex, the children claimed adults weren’t as creative because “they have jobs and things, so can’t keep their imaginations in their heads.”

Two weeks in the making, the finished VR experience allowed the children to explore three-dimensional worlds inspired by their own sketches and made-up characters.

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