Date: Feb 2017
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Virtual reality experts at top London VR and production company, Pebble Studios, have brought the imaginative worlds of children to life in virtual reality for the very first time.

A lucky group of seven and eight-year-olds from Grange Primary School, West London, were visited by the Pebble Studios team at the start of the year and asked to draw some of the wondrous and inventive characters, lands and stories they come up with during their creative play time.

The group drew colourful artworks of their imaginative worlds and the creatures in it, impressing the team with their descriptions of ‘candy land’ - home to giraffes in bow-ties and a multi-coloured disco-loving T-Rex! When asked why adults might not be so creative, their answer was that “they have jobs and things, so can’t keep their imaginations in their heads”.

Two weeks later, the studio surprised the children with a VR experience that allowed them to step inside their imaginations in virtual reality and explore the three-dimensional worlds inspired by their own wondrous sketches and made up characters.


Director/ Creative: Amy Durrant

DOP: Sashi Kissoon

Creative director: Matt Beveridge

Editor: Jonah Maddox

Producer: Sarah Inge

Design director: Chris Ennis

Sound recordist: George McMillan

Sound design: Johnny Brock

VR team: Toby Barnett, Charlotte Walle