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Melissa McCarthy tries to save the whales, the trees, the ice caps and the rhinos in Kia eco-warrior Super Bowl drive

Melissa McCarthy has brought her comedy chops to the forefront of Kia’s Super Bowl campaign promoting the Kia Niro hybrid.

McCarthy embarks on a perilous and gaffe-ridden ‘Hero’s Journey’, but the slot looks to hit home that it is easier to become an eco-warrior than you would expect, just buy a Kia Niro…

The campaign comes from David&Goliath which has handled the brand’s Super Bowl output for the last few years with slots featuring Christopher Walken and Pierce Brosnan.

On being featured in the campaign, McCarthy said: "For years, I've been trying to find the perfect project that combined the real threat of me breaking every bone in my body, with my desire to help save the environment. Thanks Kia!!!  XOXO Love, Melissa."

Adweek reports that the slot first rolled out on Facebook Messenger which it is claiming is a first for a Super Bowl ad.

The slot was teased over a week before the rollout of the full ad.

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