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Ancestry Australia showcases diversity through DNA in branded content series

Ancestry Australia launches DNA-driven diversity content

Ancestry has launched a branded content series following the DNA background of 17 people living in an apartment block in Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

The four-part online series, called ‘It’s a Small World’, aims to showcase the genealogy brand’s DNA analysis service, AncestryDNA.

The series follows 17 randomly chosen residents of an apartment block in Bondi Beach who uncover their personal heritage by using the AncestryDNA test.

The series, which is hosted by Ancestry’s DNA expert Brad Argent, reveals the participants’ heritages represent 26 ethnic regions from around the world.

Ancestry hopes the content will inspire people to seek out their personal history and discover their DNA. Ancestry has more than 3 million members in its DNA database globally and more then 2.4 million subscribers across its websites.

Nigel Seeto, senior marketing manager at Ancestry, said: “We want to show the profound emotional impact that discovering your DNA results can have on your identity, and demonstrate how simple to use the AncestryDNA test is.”

“At Ancestry, storytelling is at the heart of what we – and our customers – do and with It’s a Small World, we recognised the unique position we were in to create immersive content that really brought these stories to life for our audience.

“The series gives us a snapshot of just some of the individual histories stretching back thousands of years that make up modern, diverse Australia.”

The series was created by branded content agency and is available to view on Ancestry Australia’s website, YouTube and Facebook pages.