Livity and Onalytica's Viewpoints product aims to help brands better navigate the influencer landscape

The Livity and Onalytica team who will work on Viewpoints

Youth-led creative network Livity has partnered with Onalytica to create an online tool designed to give brands a 360-degree view of their influencer landscape.

The new product called ‘Viewpoints’ sees the pair combine their specialist knowledge in youth and influencer marketing to better inform brands of which influencers which would generate the most success for them.

The model was borne out of the increasing challenges that both parties saw brands face when targeting influencers, and the diminishing returns they see from operating a strategy which prioritises mega-influencers.

Research conducted by Livity found that as an influencer’s audience grows, their engagement drops significantly, highlighting an inverse relationship between reach and emotional accessibility.

With this in mind, Viewpoints focuses on helping brands identify and engage with a wide range of micro-influencers – those who have between 1,000 and 20,000 followers – who are far more accessible to their audience, but incrementally have the same reach.

Felix Morgan, senior strategist and innovation lead at Livity, said: “Traditionally, influence has been viewed in a very straightforward and oversimplified way; brands have tended to believe the way to work with influencers is to produce a list of five or six big names who have very high followings on social media with their target audience.

“But in reality, this totally ignores the nuanced, layered and complex nature of influence – influence existed before social media, it still happens offline, and the biggest influences are not always the people with the biggest audiences. Influencer marketing is about developing a strategy, not just a list of influencers.

Morgan maintained that Viewpoints will help brands “achieve an improved ROI and a bigger impact on attitudinal and behavioural change”.

He added: “We’re really excited about partnering with Onalytica as they are leaders in their field. Their experience coupled with Livity’s expertise in youth and influencers will mean that brands are buying a sophisticated and valuable product.”

Onalytica chief executive, Tim Williams, said: “Our research shows that 73% of marketing and comms professionals said that influencer identification was their biggest challenge. This is only the first stage though. Brands then need help to align their messages and content to resonate with the influencer community and ultimately their end target audience.”

Traditional influencer mapping projections often focus solely on the impact of online influencers and social media, however Viewpoints will also incorporate offline influences. In addition, clients will also be given access to an online tool where they will be able to view their own interactive visual influence map, as well as a full report and ongoing consultancy services.

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