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By Laurie Fullerton, Freelance Writer

December 5, 2016 | 3 min read

An apt analogy for planning and executing addressable television advertising is that it is akin to tackling a giant jigsaw puzzle. While there remains a need for pieces of the process to be fully automated, "the future holds amazing things for addressable television. We just have to connect all the pieces and stay positive," according to Jamie Power, senior partner at MODI Media in New York.

“To be honest, it’s been the best three years of my career, it’s been so much fun,” Power says in a recent interview with Beet.TV. “TV is in such a transformational state, so that’s why I feel just lucky to be a part of that.

Powers notes that many of the team at Modi have a tv, strategy and research background with an understanding that it is TV first, with data and tech bringing increasing opportunities to leverage the data and get the best results for clients, she noted.

Modi is able to use data sets to scale it out to other categories. "“Even if the data set isn’t currently hooked directly with an MVPD, we can work directly with Axciom or Experian and they can do revenue share,” Power says. “So basically the answer is never no. The answer might be, ‘give me three days to let me figure out how to connect all the pieces.’" Powers also notes that "as long as we can make the math work, we are in a sweet spot because of the fine line between television and digital expertise."

With growth, Powers notes that there is an increasing need for set standards as well. “There’s definitely a need for pieces of the process to be automated. There’s definitely a need for standards. You can’t scale anything without standards,” Power says.

She views Modi as unique in that the background of most of its people is either in TV, strategy or research, whereas other holding companies have their digital leads heading up addressable advertising. “We understand it’s TV and respect that it’s TV. Now data and tech are just bringing new opportunities.”

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