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Fast growing startup Kulture City launches autism campaign to shift public view from awareness to acceptance

A national autism acceptance movement called "Love Without Words" seeks to move public awareness of autism to public acceptance.

Baseball legend Roger Clemens supports autism awareness

KultureCity, a fast growing non-profit whose mission is to achieve more acceptance of autism will showcase the challenge that although autistic people cannot always verbally express love, this does not mean that they are incapable of feeling love. Love can be demonstrated in many ways without words, the campaign suggests. The social campaign worked with IdeaTribes, a branding consultant firm with the goal that through celebrities, influencers and companies, they can shift the autism conversation from awareness to acceptance.

Current celebrity involvement includes former athletes such as baseball legend Roger Clemens, media personality Geraldo Rivera, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, to name a few, as well as current companies Joey Tag, Gemiini, Puro Sound, Pieology, and Revelator Coffee.

The campaign also includes a call to action to viewers to upload photos/videos of themselves demonstrating how they, too, show love without words. In addition, donations generated via the campaign will be used to create sensory inclusive spaces across the country.

The founder of KultureCity, Julian Maha, said that he felt lost after his son was diagnosed with autism, in part because his knowledge of autism was severely limited to textbooks and there was such a negative cultural viewpoint of autism.

"What we needed was acceptance and community and a new path. Sometimes getting lost is the best thing that could happen as it gives you pause and makes you consider the things that matter and you can start a movement that can change the world" Maha said in a recent TED talk.

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