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By Ayesha Salim, Content Lead

November 9, 2016 | 2 min read

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Data can make or break a brand’s ability to deliver a great customer experience. But so many marketers are missing out on this opportunity as they find the issue too complex and do not have time to keep up with industry developments.

Adding to the confusion is the multitude of technology platforms on offer providing unique advantages to marketers.

A survey by Gartner last year found that customer experience will be the new battlefield, with 89% of companies saying customer experience will be their primary basis for competition in 2016. But according to research by Econsultancy, only 10% of marketers and 8% of agencies worldwide have managed to tie together customer data across channels, tools and databases.

The Drum teamed up with Acxiom to provide guidance in this area with the launch of its new Everything You Need to Know (EYNTK) video series on data and the fundamentals of customer experience. Its aim is to help marketers navigate this complex maze of “data silos” and to get rid of the data road block preventing marketers from delivering a great customer experience.

The new series follows the success of The Drum’s Everything You Need to Know video series on content marketing and programmatic. Filmed in the back of a London taxi, EYNTK tells marketers everything they need to know about each crucial topic in one short episode. Marketers can quickly get up to speed on customer recognition or the new data economy in just a few minutes while on their way to work or a meeting.

Jed Mole, European marketing director at Acxiom says: “Customer experience includes everything from the product itself to the in-store experience. [Data] presents a huge opportunity and a huge threat. We have to get it right.”

Future episodes in the series will tackle omni-channel customer recognition, the new data economy, the new customer view, and how to combine online and offline data.

Know enough about customer experience yet? Test your knowledge in our quick quiz.

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Other episodes in the series

Episode 2

Identity resolution bridges online and offline customer recognition gap - new episode of Everything You Need to Know: Data & Customer Experience

Customers now have physical and digital identities, making it difficult for marketers to identify and target individual customers. In the latest episode of Everything You Need to Know (EYNTK) about data and customer experience, Jed Mole, European marketing director at Acxiom provides tips on how brands can use data to recognise customers across all channels and devices.

Episode 3

The ‘safe haven’ – how brands can benefit from using each other’s data

Marketers use a wide variety of data to inform their marketing strategies. Some of the data contains great value but it can also be unreliable. Now brands can use each other’s data to deliver better marketing campaigns. But how can this be done safely?

Episode 4

No more data silos: how the ‘Open Garden’ helps marketers connect with real people

Harnessing the power of data is the holy grail for most marketers. But companies are still finding it challenging to achieve the Single Customer View (SCV). In a survey by Experian, over 1,000 marketers worldwide cited poor data quality, siloed departments, and the inability to link different technologies as some of the major challenges in creating a SCV.

Episode 5

Get closer to the single customer view - by connecting online and offline data

Marketers must now run campaigns across multiple digital devices. But connecting the customer journey across all of these devices and channels is a challenging task.

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