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Quiz: Test your knowledge on Data & The Customer Experience

Everything You Need to Know: Data & Customer Experience

Think you know everything about data and customer experience? Following the last episode of The Drum’s latest Everything You Need to Know (EYNTK)About Data and Customer Experience video series, developed in partnership with Acxiom, The Drum has decided to put marketers to the test.

The series of videos, filmed in the back of a London cab, explains how to recognise individuals online and offline, as well as how to get closer to the single customer view. As a marketer, do you remember how much of your ROI can be increased just by making an anonymous customer a known one? Or how many brands still have their online and offline data handled by separate teams?

In the series, Acxiom outlined exactly how this could be achieved, using a wealth of customer case studies alongside third party industry research.

Take our quiz below to test your knowledge and if you want a refresh – watch the entire series here.

To learn more about Data and The Customer Experience, watch our series. In short 3 minute videos, you will learn about:

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