Lego builds a reputation as the UK’s most trusted brand

Danish toy brand Lego is the UK’s most trusted brand raking in the highest CSR rating, according to data from RepTrak.


The company’s CSR tracker found Lego as the top dog in the UK, followed by Swedish furnishing firm Ikea and computing specialist Microsoft scoring 82, 80.9 and 78.6 respectively.

John Lewis and Rolls Royce follow, the only UK domiciled companies on the list taking fourth and fifth. BMW, Estee Lauder, Sony, Intel and the Walt Disney Company fill the rest of the list.

The biggest movers in the list were Burberry, moving up 10.6 points taking it to 56th place. HSBC rose by 9.8 points and Campbell Soup rose by 9.7.

Volkswagen suffered the loss of 28.9 points, Daimler was down 7.9 points and EDF last 7.7 points.

Kasper Ulf Nielsen, executive partner at Reputation Institute, said: “This reveals a lack of both emotional and rational connection with businesses which is unique to the UK. Across the world, companies in their home countries tend to have a stronger reputation, and this lack of reputation capital puts UK at a disadvantage in their home market.”

He added: “The UK public are beginning to care more and more about businesses’ social and environmental footprints. Looking at the examples of Sports Direct and Volkswagen, arguably two of the largest reputational crises in the last year, both experienced reputational damage in terms of CSR, and both have seen a blow to their reputations alongside a significant financial impact.”

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