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The stopwatch is not a shortcut to creativity in new Cliché Killers episode

The Drum has launched the latest in a 12-part video series, Cliché Killers, produced in partnership with Stein IAS, exploring B2B advertising clichés.

Episode eight, The Stopwatch, ponders why, in a digital age, the stopwatch remains such a pointless cliché in B2B advertising.

“The stopwatch is like the mental timer in my head, 30 seconds before I leave the agency sitting there with all their clichés,” said David Burnand, marketing lead for Northern Europe, Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Cliché Killers, running throughout summer 2016, stars a cast of ad industry figures discussing and dismissing the clichés commonly used in B2B advertising.

The clichés discussed, looking at their history and use today, range from the stopwatch to the dynamic team and, in episode eight, The Stopwatch.

“If you’re trying to show the speed of a service, the stopwatch is a pretty lame way to do it,” said Kesah Trowell, head of CSR at Dixons Carphone. “What you should be doing instead is showing the actual benefits of the service.”

Cliché Killers stars web psychologist Nathalie Nahai; Kesah Trowell, head of CSR at Dixons Carphone; David Burnand, marketing lead for Northern Europe, Adobe Marketing Cloud; Google head of marketing Nishma Robb; Stein IAS chief executive Tom Stein; and Stein IAS creative director EMEA Reuben Webb.

The Cliché Killers series was based on a book by Stein’s Reuben Webb.

The entire series can be found on the Cliché Killers hub on The Drum.

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