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UK consumers almost a tenth less likely to click an ad than the average American, says study


By Tony Connelly, Sports Marketing Reporter

May 9, 2016 | 2 min read

Digital advertisers are finding it more difficult to reach internet users in UK than in the US, according to a new study from advertising analytics firm AdRoll.

Uk viewers less likely to click on ads

The UK, along with many other Northern European countries including Sweden, Denmark and Norway, are eight per cent less likely to click on an online ad compared to the average in the US.

The report measured the success of ads using a click-through-rate (CTR) formula — or the total number of times an ad is clicked. The CTR was determined by dividing how many times an ad was clicked on, by the impressions.

By compiling the aggregate CTR of residents in capital cities, based on partial IP address, the report has ranked the European cities based on their average likelihood of clicking through on an ad.

Ad clicks AdRoll

Lisbon topped the list, scoring 10 on the 1-10 scale, with 10 being most likely and 1 being least likely. This was followed by Madrid in second with 6.9 and Moscow in third with 6.1. London found itself in fourth with a 5.9 score on the scale.

Dublin emerged as the most difficult European city to target with online ads, scoring 1.8 on the engagement scale.

When it came to a country-by-country basis however the UK found itself in considerably less tolerant of ads, ranking 16th with a score of 5.3 while Portugal topped the list again.

Finland meanwhile was the least likely country in Europe to click through on an internet advertisement.

Adroll Digital Advertising

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