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By Justin Pearse, Managing Director, The Drum Works

May 9, 2016 | 3 min read

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The Drum and Experian have partnered to produce a video series exploring how brands can best use data to know who their customers are regardless of channel or device and understand them better to create relevant conversations.

To accompany the launch of the second episode of Smarter Marketing: The Power of Data, Colin Grieves, from Experian Digital Media Services, explore the secrets to creating truly personalised experiences.

Putting people first

Customer-centricity is hardly a new concept. However, recognising the individuals behind the data is more important than ever in this complex digital world.

These days, putting the customer at the centre of your business model is not as crude as being simply about how you can get them to spend more money on products and services.

To become truly customer-centric, brands need to focus on what their customers’ value the most and why they are customers to start with.=

Achieving the right approach, for each individual, at the correct time, marketers need to have a thorough understanding of their customer and take a flexible approach to interacting with them.

The ability to take that approach, and be successful with it, relies on having accurate customer data and having that data compiled to show a comprehensive and robust view of each customer.

The customer behind the device

Brands now collect more data on their customers than ever before, however most still fall into the trap of forgetting the actual individuals behind the flood of information. This is something that needs to change.

Many use the old tried-and-tested method of segmenting and selecting particular groups or types of people to ensure their messages are getting through. But this blanket method involves thousands - if not hundreds of thousands - of people at a time and therefore the individual gets lost.

In this fast-paced digitalised world, it’s never been more important for marketers to get personalisation right and make sure they have the individual customer in mind when interacting with them.

Get it wrong and it could have a disastrous effect for not only the particular campaign you are working on, but also on that person’s perception of your brand in general. For example, it is a bit embarrassing if you call someone by the wrong name or send them information on something they would never buy.

The abundance of noise in today’s marketplace, and increasing demands from our customers, means it is essential for marketers to get the customer experience right.

In a recent survey we found that 69% of people said they receive emails from retailers every single day. With that in mind, it easy to see why focusing on the end-to-end experience is so vital.

Marketing is about building relationships and trust – that’s why remembering the people behind the devices you are trying to contact them on is absolutely essential.


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