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Zuckerberg met China propaganda chief to discuss internet regulation

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly met with China’s propaganda chief Liu Yunshan in Beijing to discuss the country’s increasingly tight laws around online content.

China recently announced new regulatory guidelines that mean foreign companies will find it harder to publish online. The country is looking to ensure it can police the web as stringently as it does print media.

However, Chinese news agency Xinhua said Yunshan was speaking with Zuckerberg because he hoped Facebook can share information with Chinese companies to help “internet development better benefit the people of all countries”.

According to The Guardian, Zuckerberg was in Beijing for an economic forum. Facebook has met with the Chinese government several times as its service, alongside Twitter, is still banned in the country.

For Facebook, China will be a key growth area for users as the country boasts the largest online population in the world, standing at some 668 million people online.

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