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China tightens regulation making it harder for foreign companies to publish content online

The Chinese government has announced that is is increasing the rules around online publication of original or adapted “creative works”, meaning that foreign businesses will have to get approval, even if published via a joint venture.

China tightens regulation for foreign media

According to an article on South China Morning Post, the ‘Regulation for the Management of Online Publishing Services’ will replace the 'Temporary Regulation on the Management of Online Publishing', which had been governing online publishing freedom for foreign businesses since 2002.

Currently, regulation lets licensed foreign joint ventures publish original and adapted creative works online. Under the new rules, which are effective as of next month, foreign businesses will not be allowed to directly publish the content online.

Instead Chinese content providers that work with foreign companies, foreign individuals and other overseas-based organisations must seek approval from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television for any future collaboration, according to the article.

Games, animation, comics, audio recordings and videos all fall under the term ‘creative works’.

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