Bill Gates supports FBI over iPhone ‘back door’ demands

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has come out in support of the FBI, siding against Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Twitter and Apple, in a contentious case in which law enforcement officials are attempting to crack a locked iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino gunman.

Apple and its supporters protest that such a move is tantamount to creating a ‘back door’ to their device, endangering everyone’s privacy and security, but the FBI’s moral case is strengthened by Gates’ support.

Speaking to the Financial Times Gates pointed out that the issue involved a one-off case involving the suspected terrorist, stating: “They are not asking for some general thing.”

Despite this support current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has refused to weigh into the debate, with a spokesperson only going so far as to point out that the business is a member of Reform Government Surveillance, which opposes the measure.

A judge has ruled in the FBI’s favour in unlocking the phone to assist their investigation but Apple has thus far resisted.

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