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Uber pilots speed checks for its drivers using smartphone gyrometers

Uber is looking to utilise the gryometers available in smartphones to ensure its drivers do not break speed limits.

The ride-hailing app has announced that it is piloting the scheme which enables passengers to submit feedback on the speed of their driver via measurements on their smartphone.

Gyrometer investigations will be prompted by user feedback – for instance, upon complaints of speeding, Uber will investigate the driver’s phone for data proving the incident happened.

The feature can also be used to see how often drivers are using their phones during a journey, to ensure that their focus is at least on the road.

Joe Sullivan, chief security officer, said: “Gyrometers in phones can measure small movements, while GPS and accelerometers show how often a vehicle starts and stops, as well as its overall speed.

“If a rider complains that a driver accelerated too fast and broke too hard, we can review that trip using data. If the feedback is accurate, then we can get in touch with the driver. And if it’s not, we could use the information to make sure a driver’s rating isn’t affected."

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