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Drum TV ups the ante with John's Weird Week giving the low-down on the most out-there industry news

Welcome to the pilot of John’s Weird Week.

The Drum’s powers that be have deemed it necessary that someone chronicles all the weirdness being produced by some of the most warped (or ingenious) minds in the media, marketing and advertising industries.

I’ve been selected to take you through the top happenings each week. Sorry about that. I’m also sorry about the out-of-focus video.

Next week we’re aiming for an ultra-high definition VR experience so stay tuned for that.

On the ambitious new video endeavour, John’s Weird Week host John (Weird Week) McCarthy, said: "After months of strategising in The Drum's central core, we realised that many of the odd things happening in the industry were being missed.

"The marketing world is engaged in a dangerous cycle of one-upmanship, and it is important we get someone standing in front of a camera to condense it into a stream of mumbled consciousness in one, or less, takes."

The Drum editor Stephen Lepitak said: "Write whatever you want in here John, stop annoying me."

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