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Amazon bows to public pressure and scraps Nazi subway car

Amazon has bowed to public pressure and elected to destroy a controversial subway car advertisement in New York following complaints from passengers upset at the Nazi and Imperial Japanese imagery it contained.

Designed to promote its new alternate history drama The Man in the High Castle the themed carriage contained a Nazi Eagle overlayed on the Stars and Stripes as well as Rising Sun iconography associated with Japan during World War 2.

Initially Amazon had defended the installation but amidst criticism from New York mayor Bill de Blasio and calls for a boycott the etailer was forced to swiftly backtrack according to Mashable.

In a statement de Blasio said: “While these ads technically may be within Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) guidelines, they’re irresponsible and offensive to World War II and Holocaust survivors, their families, and countless other New Yorkers. Amazon should take them down.”

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