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Pampers creates three heartwarming videos on back of social campaign success

Brands are constantly creating half-baked hashtags in order to tick off the ‘social’ aspect of their campaigns, so it’s not often that a hashtag can actually spur a whole new round of creative.

Yet Pampers might have done just that. Earlier this year, it rolled out a video called ‘Hush Little Baby’ created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York that showcased how everyone can do their part to make a newborn’s life a little bit better.

In the short film, a sleepy dad wakes up to take care of his child in the middle of the night, a stranger helps a mom carry a stroller up the stairs, and a group of construction workers pause their drills when a mom walks by with her baby.

The diaper brand then asked viewers to share on Twitter and Facebook how they pledge to make life ‘#BetterForBaby.’

Following the “overwhelming number of pledges” Pampers received, the brand has rolled out three videos that show how it took these vows and helped moms turn them into a reality.

One mom, Albanai, posted to the brand’s Facebook page in August that she pledged to create a pre-school where children have a family environment. Pampers then surprised her by transforming her storeroom into a pre-school (see above).

In another, Pampers redesigns the room of a toddler with cystic fibrosis whose mom who finds inspiration in him. A third sees Pampers creating a backyard playground for four children who share a home with their mother and two other families.

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