Infographic: Your Facebook addiction in numbers

With 65 per cent of Facebook’s users accessing on a daily basis it’s fair to say that some of those are more addicted to the service than others.

A 2,000 respondent survey from Stop Procrastinating found that 56 per cent of Facebook users compulsively use the site.

Of this portion over two thirds are concerned about their “inability to control their use of Facebook”. Similarly 45 per cent of users admitted to leaving a social occasion to use the network in peace.

Tim Rollins, director at Stop Procrastinating, said: “There is no doubt that Facebook is an important part of our lives, allowing us to share our experiences and feelings with our friends, no matter where they may be.

“It is no wonder then that some users may feel that their use of Facebook is compulsive. It reveals that Facebook is becoming an every more central part of our lives when we feel the need to use it during any social occasion as our survey shows.”

Check out the infographic below.

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