Reddit breaks silence over on-off Russia ban

Reddit, the online bulletin board, has responded to the on and then off again threat of a ban in Russia after being blacklisted by internet watchdog Roskomnadzor over a discussion offering tips on the cultivation of magic mushrooms.

After Reddit failed to respond to an email requesting the offending page be removed, the service was unavailable across Russia for several hours before mysteriously becoming available again.

A statement released by the agency explained: “On August 13, federal officials received on their “hot line” a message from the site’s administrators saying Internet users in Russia no longer have access to the illegal content. Roskomnadzor has confirmed [Reddit’s] full compliance, and accordingly removed the website from the registry of illegal online materials.”

Reddit told Techcrunch that it stood by its decision to back down, despite coming under fire from some for sacrificing freedom of speech.

Reddit said: “We want to ensure our services are available to users everywhere but if we receive a valid request from an authorized entity, we reserve the right to restrict content in a particular country.”

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