Mushrooms force Russia Reddit ban

The Russian government has blocked Reddit after complaints emerged addressing a thread offering advice on how to grow magic mushrooms.

Joining China and North Korea in censoring the service, Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor blacklisted the site after a complaint from the nation’s drug control service.

The forum, hosts many drug-related communities including the marijuana-focused R/Trees sub-Reddit however it was a page on the growth of psychedelic mushrooms which irked the watchdog.

Latvian publisher Meduza broke the news, blaming a page entitled “Minimal and Reliable Methods for Growing Psilocybe".

Russian censors claimed they tried to contact Reddit administrators over the ban: “We assume that the website is simply understaffed during the summer holidays, but this is no excuse to risk its entire [Russian] audience.”

Reddit has yet to issue a statement on the ban.

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