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Mark Hamill backs Amy Schumer’s controversial GQ Star Wars shoot

The actor who played legendary character Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars films, Mark Hamill, has waded into the controversy surrounding comedian Amy Schumer’s themed-shoot in American GQ, saying she should be cast in the next film.

Schumer doesn’t feature in the new Star Wars film, instead GQ proclaimed her as "the funniest woman in the galaxy" for the themed shoot and dressed her up as Princess Leia.

She is seen naked and smoking in bed with droids C3-PO and R2-D2, simulating oral sex on a lightsabre, doing the Can-Can with Stormtroopers and sucking the finger of C3-PO on the front cover.

Some Star Wars fans called it "distasteful" and "lame” upon its release, while Disney and Lucasfilm have made it very clear that they “did not authorize, participate or condone in the inappropriate use of characters”.

Hamill, however, seems to disagree and was very “excited” by the mag shoot and thought she should be cast in the next film of the long-running franchise.




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