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Stella Artois and Wimbledon launch autoplay Twitter Amplify video with a classic tennis moment

Wimbledon, with the sponsorship of Stella Artois, has rolled out the brand’s first autoplay Twitter Amplify video.

The Twitter snapshot, sponsored by the Belgian lager brand, relives classic footage of Nicolas Mahut and John Inser participating in the unforgettable 11 hour heat with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday.

Using Twitter Amplify, brands and advertisers can anchor their names to trending subjects, promoted by the social media site, with the help of a sponsor, in this case Stella Artois.

Of course, using Twitter Amplify is just one aspect of the tennis championship’s social media push, it also has some specially tailored hashtags (or hashflags) for the following words: “#Wimbledon, #TheQueue, #TheHill and #TheWorld.

Want more information on exactly what Twitter Amplify is? Twitter offers quite a handy explanation of the feature and how sponsors interact.

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