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Katie Hopkins tweets scathing attack of 'chubsters' defacing Protein World 'Beach Body Ready' ads

Katie Hopkins has embarked on a crass tweet battle against the "chubsters" defacing provocative ads from diet pill firm Protein World asking women on the London Underground if they were 'Beach Body Ready'.

Hours after UN human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein on Sunday condemned Katie Hopkins' description of migrants as 'cockroaches' in an inflammatory Sun article, the columnist and professional web troll condemned feminists vandalising the ads.

Several instances of the ads being physically defaced appeared online on Friday - additionally a petition calling for the removal of the adverts from the London Underground received 44,000 signatures.

In response, Hopkins tweeted:

Furthermore, Renee Sommerfield, the Australian model from the adverts, whose image was accused of being manipulated in photoshop by some campaigners, told the Huffington Post: “I think nearly every ad campaign you have ever seen is open to interpretation. But saying the ad is body shaming by body shaming the image is very contradictory, two wrongs don't make a right.

"I agree that all bodies are 'beach body ready’, skinny, curvy, muscular, petite, tall, short, young and old. Confidence is beautiful no matter what size you are.”

She concluded: “Protein World's intention is to motivate and inspire their consumers to be the best, healthiest and fittest version of themselves, not to advertise that you have to look a particular way to be 'beach body ready. The real goal should always be health, not body size."

Protein World on the other hand has taken a more aggressive response to the criticism re-tweeting inflammatory and offensive tweets about feminists and body image.

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