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Lego greenlights crowdsourced Doctor Who and Wall-E Lego sets

Lego has given the go ahead for exclusive Doctor Who and Wall-E themed kits after fan-submitted concepts were picked up by the Danish toy firm.

The brand tie-ins were suggested by creatives through the Lego Ideas website where designers are encouraged to share their Lego concepts. Products are then voted upon by Lego fans who would like to see the ideas taken into the development stage.

The Doctor Who kit is the brainchild of game art designer Andrew Clark, it was selected for production after it garnered 10,000 votes on the Lego Ideas website.

A Lego spokesperson said: “The Lego group will produce a Doctor Who themed project and the Lego Review Board has chosen the 'Doctor Who and Companions' project by Lego Ideas member Andrew Clark, an artist at a gaming company by day, and a Lego builder and pretend run-away Time Lord by night.

“For those following closely, this makes Doctor Who and Companions the third project from the first 2014 Lego review period to become an official Lego set.”

Marcus Arthur, managing director of BBC Worldwide, told the Guardian: “This is a really exciting deal between one of the world’s premier content companies and the world’s largest toy manufacturer.”

Angus MacLane, a Pixar animator and director, who actually worked on the Wall-E film, also received approval for his Wall-E build.

The final product designs are yet to be revealed although they will likely be heavily inspired by the artists’ entries.