BBC execs fret over ‘sexist objectification’ of fictional radio character

A culture of political correctness has seen senior BBC executives meet to discuss whether a slew of smutty jokes directed at a fictional character on Radio 4’s ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ is tantamount to sexist objectification.

Samantha, an imaginary storekeeper on the show, has been the butt of much innuendo on the Jack Dee hosted programme prompting one listener to complain and sparking the interest of ‘senior figures’ within the broadcaster who are said to share such concerns.

According to The Telegraph these concerns have resulted in a number of meetings to discuss how the innuendo–laden format can be updated for modern sensibilities; including the use of more female panellists and increased focus on Samantha’s male associate, Sven.

Other changes include a more overt communication to the audience that Samantha is a ‘willing and enthusiastic participant in liaisons’ and that ‘Samantha. Like Sven, has a prodigious sexual appetite’.

Details of the Beeb’s prudish dilemma were revealed by the BBC Trust in the latest update from its Editorial Standards Committee.

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