The National pro-indy newspaper given second week after strong sales

Scotland’s newly launched daily newspaper the National has announced that it has survived its pilot period and will be preparing for a second week.

The publication announced the news via tweet on Thursday afternoon just as staff were working on the Friday edition.

Furthermore, due to a high demand from advertisers, the fifth issue of the title will go to print with 40 pages according to the Guardian.

Had the pilot failed, the newspaper would have seen its final issue published on Friday.

“The newspaper that supports an independent Scotland” launched on Monday and took the country by storm with Newsquest releasing the print publication in an increasingly digital media landscape.

On Monday, the paper completely sold out of its 60,000 issue run, which saw Tuesday’s output increased to 100,000 copies. Wednesday and Thursday saw this decreased to 80,000 copies.

Those interested in the title have reported having difficultly acquiring it due to a limited number of outlets stocking the title, with Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's among those who would not upon its release.

Stewart Kirkpatrick, the founder of the Caledonian Mercury and former head of digital for Yes Scotland, earlier this week told The Drum, the title’s release was better late than never.